Monday, September 9, 2024

Hiistory of Aceh

At the time of time of Sultan Iskandar Muda Meukuta Perkasa Alam, Aceh is a very rich country and prosperous. According to a French explorer who arrived in Aceh in the heyday of the era, the power reaching the west coast of Aceh Minangkabau. Aceh also includes power to Silver. Sultanate of Aceh has a relationship with the kingdoms in the Western world in the 16th century, including the British, the Ottomans, and the Netherlands.

Sultanate of Aceh was involved prolonged power struggle since the early 16th century, first with Portugal, and since the 18th century with the United Kingdom (UK) and the Netherlands. At the end of the 18th century, Aceh was forced to hand over territory in Kedah and Penang Malays in the Peninsula to the United Kingdom.
In 1824, the Anglo-Dutch agreement was signed, in which Britain handed over its territory on Sumatra to the Dutch. British parties claim that Aceh was their colony, although this is not true. In 1871, Britain allowed the Dutch to invade Aceh, possibly to prevent France from gaining power in the region.

Sultanate of Aceh is the continuation of the Sultanate of Samudera Pasai destroyed in the 14th century. Sultanate of Aceh is located on the northern island of Sumatra with capital Kutaradja (Banda Aceh). In the long history (1496 - 1903), Aceh has carved his past so majestic and wonderful, especially because of its ability to develop a pattern and system of military education, its commitment to European nations against imperialism, a regular system of government and the systematic, make-centers science research center, to its ability to establish diplomatic relations with other countries.

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