Saturday, December 12, 2009

serune kalee

okay friends, I'll tell you about the traditional musical instruments of aceh.

and for posting this, I will discuss about the origin of wind instruments aceh, and the name of the instrument is serune kalee

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seudati Dance

how are you my friends?? for today's article ..
I'll tell you about one of the most famous dances in the area of dance Seudati aceh ..

This is a history of previous dance ..

Seudati Dance is a dance that originated from the province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Seudati derived from the word 'Creed, which means witness / testify / recognition of no god but Allah, and Muhammad the messenger of God.

This dance is also included in the category or Tribal War Dance War Dance, which the words are always inspiring young people of Aceh to rise up and fight colonialism. Therefore, this dance had banned the Dutch colonial era, but now is allowed to dance again and became the National Art Indonesia.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rumoh Aceh

My recent post this is telling us about the traditional houses rumoh aceh, now in the townships or villages in this house are still visible, maybe if you're into aceh you can see this unique custom home ..

to get to know more I'll tell you a little history about rumoh aceh

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"beach Lampuuk"

how are you my friends??, this time I'll post about aceh natural beauty, then maybe that tells me places or buildings characteristic aceh, but this time I will tell you the beauty of nature aceh ..

OK, for the first I will tell you the beauty of the "beach Lampuuk"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Taman Putroe Phang/Putroe Phang Park

Putroe Phang Park, located in the region Sultan Palace compound in Banda Aceh. This park is made for the Empress of Sultan Iskandar Muda named Putroe Phang which means Princess Pahang, who came from Pahang, Malaysia.

In the park there is a unique building, called the structure's history, made to resemble hills located in Pahang, Malaysia. The building is made at the request of the empress herself, who always misses his hometown, Pahang, which is said to hilly hill.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dutch Cemetery Kerkhoff

in this post I will introduce one of the historical places you must visit in Banda Aceh isDutch Cemetery Kerkhoff

Like the old town of many historic sites located in the city of self-proclaimed Islamic Tourism Airport this. One of them is famous Kerkhof Peucut Dutch Cemetery located in Kelurahan Kecamatan Baiturrahman Blower. The location is easily accessible because it is in front of the Field Blang Padang, Banda Aceh.

The tomb itself is very long existence. According to records obtained from the Documentation and Information Center in Aceh (PDIA) in Banda Aceh said that there are no fewer than 2,200 graves of Dutch people, from ordinary soldiers to the General, the various ethnic groups affiliated with the colonial army, even a group of tombs there are also Jews who used to live in Aceh! Among the graves can still be read on the names and their rank and years and years and tempat2 where they died. There are various cairns legendary names such beautiful carved.

Taman Sari Gunongan

Gunongan located in the middle of town, one legacy of the Sultan Iskandar Muda for his love, Princess Consort Phang from Pahang, Malaysia. The shape of the building's just like the hills. Our photos with friends under the sun. Very hot air. After our tour of the structure's history again with the motor to Kerkhoff beca. Options other than roads using motor beca can also use the labi-labi (the term urban transportation).

Thursday, September 24, 2009


For the next posting, I will introduce to you all one of the landmarks aceh, especially in the provincial capital banda aceh aceh.

Whether it? It is a museum tsunami aceh

Aceh Tsunami Museum is a museum to commemorate the return pristiwa maha daysat tsunami that hit Aceh on 26 December 2008 which claimed more or less 240.000 0rang.

beauty of aceh

Did you know? in 2004 and then when there are tsunami waves, the only building that was not damaged by the storm just this great mosque.