Saturday, October 3, 2009

Taman Putroe Phang/Putroe Phang Park

Putroe Phang Park, located in the region Sultan Palace compound in Banda Aceh. This park is made for the Empress of Sultan Iskandar Muda named Putroe Phang which means Princess Pahang, who came from Pahang, Malaysia.

In the park there is a unique building, called the structure's history, made to resemble hills located in Pahang, Malaysia. The building is made at the request of the empress herself, who always misses his hometown, Pahang, which is said to hilly hill.

Impressions kingdom of Aceh was also still visible in Banda Aceh. In the former royal palace is faced with Kerkhoff Peucut in Kampung Baru area, you can see the building named Door Khop. Previously, dome-shaped gate connects the palace complex and Putroe Phang Park (Taman Putri Pahang).

Putroe Phang Park is a palace garden created by Sultan Iskandar Muda for the Empress, Putroe Phang. Structure's history, the main part of this park, is a building resembling a hill which is dedicated to the Empress who always longed for Pahang, the home is filled empress beautiful hills. The emperor also built a library and a swimming pool in this park.


  1. Aceh looks very beautiful. Someday I'd like to visit Malaysia. Thank you for looking at my blog! -C

  2. hei an achenesse, do u can speak aceh correctly?? coz im doubt it..

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