Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dutch Cemetery Kerkhoff

in this post I will introduce one of the historical places you must visit in Banda Aceh isDutch Cemetery Kerkhoff

Like the old town of many historic sites located in the city of self-proclaimed Islamic Tourism Airport this. One of them is famous Kerkhof Peucut Dutch Cemetery located in Kelurahan Kecamatan Baiturrahman Blower. The location is easily accessible because it is in front of the Field Blang Padang, Banda Aceh.

The tomb itself is very long existence. According to records obtained from the Documentation and Information Center in Aceh (PDIA) in Banda Aceh said that there are no fewer than 2,200 graves of Dutch people, from ordinary soldiers to the General, the various ethnic groups affiliated with the colonial army, even a group of tombs there are also Jews who used to live in Aceh! Among the graves can still be read on the names and their rank and years and years and tempat2 where they died. There are various cairns legendary names such beautiful carved.

If we look at the tombstones which spread the calendar is the oldest found in the tomb of a Dutch naval soldier who died of cholera disease on December 27, 1873. Kerkhof Dutch cemetery or better known as the grave Peucut Fund is managed by the Foundation on Peutjut who founded January 29, 1976, after the visit of a retired army colonel Marsose JHJ Brendgen.

During his visit found that the military cemetery and the former Peutjut other military graves in certain places in Aceh are in a pathetic condition untreated alias. The Foundation is intended to preserve the military cemetery Peutjut to be examined by generari future. While funds for maintenance and repair of the donors come from the Netherlands. Many interesting things that can be encountered in the graveyard Kerkhof. The stories about the soldiers who buried described briefly on a tombstone. These graves as if to tell visitors about the life of its inhabitants.

If the visitor will find thorough stories poignant and silly on a tombstone. Starting from heroically died in the war until the kelewang impenetrable ridiculous stabbed to death during Rencong evening walk. There is also a touching story of a young lieutenant willingly De Bruyn who left the marriage ceremony in the grand hall of Aceh into a fierce battleground in Seunagan and died there in 1902. But unfortunately, many of the writings on the headstone that had been damaged by mischievous hands of irresponsible.

One of the grave keeper officers, Nurhabibah, said the country's ongoing renovation of these graves. Flowers such as jasmine, Keupula, bouegenvilee, bananas and other flowers scattered graveyard filled area. Tombstones were painted again.

"His grave again in the paint and planted with flowers. Yesterday was the Dutch who came and ordered to plant flowers" she said, pointing to the grave.

Pak Ridwan, Secretary of Documentation and Information Center in Aceh (PDIA), offices that handle document-document the history of Aceh provides information pleased with the Dutch cemetery Kerkhof Peutjut. Lots of books related to PDIA stored Kerkhof, although some have been affected by the tsunami damaged but still very useful.

"Peutjut Foundation has just published a guide book about the tomb which contains interesting information" he said, showing a thick book is printed luxury. In addition to this book there are also books written by lovers of the history of Aceh as well as the book by Tjoetje, who had published in June 1972, in commemoration of 100 years of war in Aceh against the Dutch colonization he said again. "These books can be read in perpustkaan PDIA" he continued.

When asked to Mr. Ridwan, who is responsible for the maintenance Peutjut grave, he replied with a wry smile. "I should like in the 1992 Act no.5 of Heritage and also PP no.10 of 1993 about the Heritage Objects, maintenance obligations in the hands of government". However, during this Peutjut Foundation who always helps fund maintenance. "It should shame us as the Dutch. Site belongs to us why they are treated" said Mr. Ridwan


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  4. Could you tell me if there is a way to find out about a particular soldier who has a grave there?
    When I visited the kerkhof I noticed a grave with my last name,which is not a common name and I like some more info about this soldier