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Taman Sari Gunongan

Gunongan located in the middle of town, one legacy of the Sultan Iskandar Muda for his love, Princess Consort Phang from Pahang, Malaysia. The shape of the building's just like the hills. Our photos with friends under the sun. Very hot air. After our tour of the structure's history again with the motor to Kerkhoff beca. Options other than roads using motor beca can also use the labi-labi (the term urban transportation).

Gunongan is part of a larger complex, which Ghairah Park, which is part of the park
palace. Gunongan was founded around the 16th century during the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda.Adapun details of the
from Taman Sari Gunongan it is:

- Gunongan stands 9.5 meters tall, depicting a flower that was built in three levels. Rate
The first is located on the ground and crowned with the highest level of a center pillar standing bangunan.Keseluruhan
Gunongan form is octagonal (eight sided). South porch is a short hallway, closed
a buffer gate to the mountain.

- Penterana stone carved in the form of a stool-shaped petals in full bloom with a sunken hole in the
the middle. This stone seat 1m in diameter in the direction toward the north with a 50 cm high. Peterana surrounding rock adorned with arabesque carved motifs form a net or nets. Peterana carved stone which serves as the throne coronation of the sultan. Not yet known with certainty the names of the sultan who had been named on the stone peterana carved it. Bustanus as Salatin mentions peterana two stones, the carved stone peterana (flower Jaunty masyhadi) and color stone peterana patchouli (lotus flower). But that still can be seen up to now is a carved stone flower peterana lela masyhadi located adjacent to the structure's history and is on theRiver.

- Kennels King is a family cemetery where the sovereign Kingdom of Aceh, including the tomb of Sultan
Tsani Iskandar (1636-1641) as the law of Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636) and wife Sultanah Tajul Nature (1641 --
1670). Building a stable of high terrace surrounded by a 2 m wall with a thickness of 45 cm and width 18
m. The building was made of limestone and brick berspesi square berdenah with the entrance on the south side.

and this is the history of Gunongan please read..

One of the objects of cultural heritage and historical value that we can still see in one piece is complete with a garden Gunongan juice. Structure's history located in downtown Banda Aceh, rather be in Kelurahan Sukaramai, Baiturahman District, City of Banda Aceh. This location can be reached by using a motor vehicle or labi-labi through the streets Teuku Umar. Taman Sari structure's history is one glory of the Sultanate of Aceh heritage, after the palace (in) are not saved because the Dutch invaded Aceh.

Gunongan built in the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda who ruled in 1607-1636. Sultan Iskandar Muda successfully conquered and the Sultanate of Johor Sultanate of Pahang in the Malay Peninsula. Princess of Pahang boyongan a very beautiful appearance and polished to Sultan Iskandar Muda in love and make it as empress. For the love of a very large, Sultan Iskandar Muda Empress willing to meet the demand to build a garden in a beautiful sari, complete with the structure's history as a place to entertain yourself longing for the empress in his native place mountain atmosphere fulfilled. Apart from being a chat, Gunongan also used as a place to change clothes after bathing in the empress Isyiki flowing river in the middle of the court structure's history is part of a larger complex, Ghairah Park, which is part of the palace garden.

At this complex now only four remaining buildings; Gunongan itself, leusong (stone mortar) is located at the foot structure's history, somewhat in the Southeast; cage of a four-square building in the northern part of the northeast along the river Krueng Daroy, and Pinto is Khop a dome-shaped gate that used to facing the palace and the park connecting to the palace square. Only members of the Ottoman royal family are allowed through this gate.

how?? Interesting is not it? hopefully with this post makes you know more about aceh

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