Saturday, December 12, 2009

serune kalee

okay friends, I'll tell you about the traditional musical instruments of aceh.

and for posting this, I will discuss about the origin of wind instruments aceh, and the name of the instrument is serune kalee

serune kalee a traditional Acehnese have long been developed and internalized by the people of Aceh. The music is popular in the area of Pidie, North Aceh, Aceh Besar and Aceh Barat. This instrument is usually played in conjunction with the Gendrang Rapai and entertainments, dances, welcoming guests of honor. Basic ingredients of this kalee Serune of wood, brass and copper. The shape resembles a bamboo flute. Black color functions essentially as a sweetener or decorate traditional Acehnese music.

serune kalee together with a geundrang and suatau perangkatan Rapai music since the glory days of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam remains decorated / colored traditional Acehnese culture music sector.

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