Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aceh Coffee Is Best Coffee

Aceh is one of the largest coffee producing countries in these islands. Aceh Land generates about 40 percent of Arabica coffee beans from the total harvest level of premium coffee in Indonesia. And Indonesia is the fourth largest exporter of coffee beans in the world.

The majority of them also like the coffee of Aceh. United Nations envoy for tsunami victims, ready to promote the coffee of Aceh, to the whole world through a coffee industry in the country, Starbucks Coffee. Through him, Starbucks Coffee has been declared ready to buy coffee production was Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. According to Clinton, Starbucks Coffee has agreed to take coffee from Aceh. The coffee industry is not only buying but also outlines where the coffee came from, which is of course with label coffee in Aceh.

Aceh Coffee is basically the same as other coffees.

Enjoyment depends also drank coffee beans and coffee powder. Many coffee shops, coffee houses in Aceh using coffee beans from Lamno, Aceh Jaya, or mix it with beans from Pidie Geumpang without losing the original flavor of each coffee. Aceh people gathered at a coffee shop, more to to strengthen the feeling of brotherhood. Nawawi, Ulee Kareng Solong proprietor, see the habits of people of Aceh coffee this since childhood.

The aroma of coffee in Aceh will increasingly explore the world when this coffee has become one of the menus in the Espresso Bar Coffee Store. Sip after sip of coffee in Aceh will get to the tongue of people from around the world and throughout Indonesia. In short, once tried the coffee of Aceh, secured definitely fall in love.

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