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Rencong - Heritage Arms of the Acehnese

Rencong or Rincong or Rintjoeng is a weapon for the people of Aceh heritage and a symbol of bravery, courage, self defense and heroism of Aceh over the centuries.

According to one source Rencong been known at the beginning of the Islamic Empire in the 13th century.

Rencong age of the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam is never out of nearly every waist (always tucked front dipinggang) of Aceh's people on average have extraordinary courage of both men and women because it is for the people of Aceh rencong like soldiers with “bedil” symbol of courage, greatness,
height of dignity and courage of people of Aceh so people must think portugal portuguese or length to approach this period Rencong Aceh.di people have levels that characterized the strata of society, to a Kings / sultan and queen / saltanat to sheath made of ivory and to dagger made of gold to get to the strata of society down to gloves made from buffalo horn or wood, and for dagger made of brass or white metal depending on their economic ability.

Aceh as an important military power in the world Malays, with the weaponry that is very important. Because international relations with the western world, also began to follow the shape rencong development, particularly Turkey and the subcontinent India.Rencong also has similarities with the blade that is used by Turkish soldiers during the Turkish Ottoman sultan Mahmud empire and Mughal also scimitar than a few people with rapiers and style daggers (Caucasian language) that depend hanging from his belt in the hanging wall of Madras, India in 1610-1620.

The Dutch sources refer to the weapons in Aceh in the 14th century. Examples of these weapons can be seen in the illustration of books in both Dutch colonial wars produced by the Center for Data Documentation and in Aceh in 1977.

A popular magazine article stating that it invented the form rencong in Aceh in the 16th century at the time of Sultan Al Kahar, Sultan, who has close ties with the Ottoman Caliphate, when asking for help to attack the Portuguese.

According to one source, too, In the 18th century literary hero People Pocut ordered Muhammad to make as much as much as rencong steel inventories are piling up, rencong can be seen at the Museum of Prague, the most valuable Ceko.Rencong from the 19th century with carved Arabic alphabet Jakarta is in the museum.

In the past, the Islamic symbolis of rencong have been associated with holy war or weapons in the hands of jihad.dengan strength and belief in the power of God.
Rencong ghaib.sehingga like having the power of the people of Aceh is very famous proverb:

"Ngon Tatob reuncong jeuet PEU-ubat ion, which tapansie saket nyang Haba."

In the Aceh expel the Portuguese from the whole soil and soil sumatra Malacca as well as the Dutch colonial period rencong a deadly weapon in addition to swords and muskets used in the battlefield, not only by the sultan, Admiral, Pang, Pang Sagoe, uleebalangs, Teuku Teungku Agam , Sayed, HabibCut Ampon, Cut Abang (the men) but also by Teungku Inong, Syarifah, Kak Cut, Cut Adoe, Putroe Cut, Cut Nyak (women). This weapon tucked in his waist before every man and woman of Aceh as a powerful marker of Might and height of dignity, and a symbol of self-defense, courage, greatness, and heroism as against the Dutch colonialists.

In the struggle and the battle against the Portuguese and the Dutch, history records the names of the heroes and heroine Aceh, like Tgk Umar, Commander of Polem, Teungku Chik Ditiro, Admiral Malahayati, Pocut Meurah Intan, Baren Pocut, Cut Nyak Dhien, Cut Meutia,
and Teungku Fakinah which does not release rencong from his waist.

Rencong have meaning and Islamic religious philosophy, which berbetuk handle Arabic characters taken from the equivalent word Bismillah. Equivalent word can be viewed on a curved handle and then thicken at the elbow. Handle-shaped rencong BA, grasp the handle where a script SIN, which taper downward in the base metal near the handle is a script MIM, an iron base taper near the handle of a lane-lane erupai iron from the base of the handle until near the end symbolizes the character LAM, Section under the glove has the form of letters of HA, so that overall the letters "BA, SIN, MIM, LAM, HA", reads the letters that form the structure of sentences Bismillah.Ini is a symbol that shows the characteristics of the Acehnese people who really cling to the glory of Islamic teachings.
Generally rencong or Rincong which became the mainstay weapon in the history of the people of Aceh is known, there are 5 types:

Rincong Meucugek: Why is it called rincong rencong meucugek because of the handle there is an cugek or meucugek (in terms of Aceh) as forms of archery and adhesives.

Rincong Pudoi: In Aceh community means not perfect pudoi term alias is still no shortage. The downside can be seen in the form of the hilt rencong.

Rincong Meupucok: The uniqueness of this Rincong shoots above the handle is made of carved ivory or gold. The base of the handle decorated with bamboo shoots pucok patterned gold / jewel ditampuk tumpal given handle, total length of these rencong approximately 30 cm.
blades are made of white metal. Sheath is made from ivory and given a bond with gold.

Rincong Puntong: The uniqueness of Rincong Puntong ng Punt on Hulu, with a dagger to be forged with metal, Rencong head of buffalo horn and scabbard made from wood.

Rincong Meukure: This Rincong have differences with others on a given subject rincong specific decorations such as flowers, snakes, centipedes and the like.

With the passage of time since the weapons Rencong Aceh joined with Indonesia until now slowly-slowly changing functions of this heritage becomes only suvernir goods or souvenirs and clothing complements traditional Acehnese groom.

Hopefully, local government can save and preserve the assets of Aceh's history over the centuries this precious, if it is not valuable heritage of Aceh will not be held with ACEH Tanoh RINCONG.

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