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The Story of Admiral Malahayati

Admiral Malahayati
the Story of Admiral Malahayati although not much, all talking about heroism. At the time of his soldiers was formed consisting of army widows who became known as Inong Balee troops, Malahayati is the Commander (Malahayati own husband died in battle against the Portuguese). The legend says Inong Balee formation itself is of the mind Malahayati. Malahayati also built a fort with his troops and the fort was named Fort Inong Balee.

Malahayati, is one of the women fighters who came from the Sultanate of Aceh. In 1585-1604, held the office of Chief of the Imperial Guard Front Commander and Commander of the Secret Protocol to the Government of Saidil Mukammil Sultan Alauddin Shah Riayat IV. [1]

Malahayati troops led the 2000 people Inong Balee (widows who had died a hero) fought against the ships and forts Netherlands on 11 September 1599 Cornelis de Houtman both killed in battle against each other on the deck of a ship, and gets the title of Admiral for his courage
This, so he came to be known by the name of Admiral Malahayati

Malahayati military career continued to climb until he occupied the highest positions in the Royal Navy Aceh at that time. As like the leaders of that era, Admiral Malahayati also fought on the front line against the power of Portuguese and Dutch who controlled the sea route to the Strait of Malacca.
Admiral Malahayati

Under the leadership of Malahayati, the Royal Navy with a fleet of Aceh's GDP is comprised of hundreds of warships. Is Cornelis de Houtman, Dutch first arrived in Indonesia during his visit that the two tried to shake up the power of Aceh in 1599. Cornelis de Houtman's famous hot-tempered, this time to see the stone. Instead of Aceh could undermine, even shattered fleet admiral fleet Malahayati beaten. Many of the people taken captive and Cornelis de Houtman himself to death by Admiral Malahayati on September 11, 1599.

Besides the Dutch fleet, Admiral also managed to beat the fleet Malahayati Portuguese. Malahayati reputation as a gate keeper to make the British royal who later went into this area, chose to pursue a peaceful path. Good letter from Queen Elizabeth I, which was brought by James Lancaster to the Sultan of Aceh, paved the way for England to get to Java and open a trading post at Bantam. This success has made James Lancaster was granted a peerage he was returning to England.

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