Monday, April 26, 2010

Ranub Aceh

“Peumulia wareh ranub lampuan, peumulia rakan mameh suara”.
-"Peumulia wareh ranub lampuan, peumulia movement mameh voice."-
Glory to serve guests with betel. Glorify friend via the sweet words said. Two verses that describe sair Aceh on the meaning of betel (ranub) in Aceh customs. Until Ranup dikreasikan traditional Acehnese dance in one-, Ranub lampuan. Dance as sumbol glorification of guests. Ranup sigapu too often we read in many books that mean for starters. That is, Ranup become a symbol of the procession or initiate an activity, Essence Ranup in Aceh as customary attitudes uphold the values of togetherness and harmony of life that comes in a container called a lady. In the manuscript tradition of Aceh, the device ranub always used in ceremonies greatness of the Emperor. "The word today (highway); pemeriahan pageantry of the king's palace to the temple of ur-Rahman Mosque. Sword of the king being paraded in front of the Emperor, and so did the plate ranub (ladies) and ranub bag (pack of cloth). After praying behind the curtains (netting) in a place called rajapaksi, Sultan's ceremonial elephant ride home. "

Ranup later became customary perangka Aceh. Begin formal occasions such as pre and post natal, procession proposal, marriage, circumcision feast, until the burial ceremony, and others, Ranub become customary for mandatory menu was served. Ranub also be the media during a ceremony to take the child to recite the first time. In other words, Ranub has become a symbol of formality that combines tradition and culture in the interaction of people of Aceh.
Ranup or called piper betle, a type of vine (sodium). Leaves, stems and fruits into traditional medicine or a plant freshener. So the emergence of a tradition to eat betel (ranub). As written by Ibn Batuta and Vasco da Gama, Eastern societies have always had a habit of eating ranub. So in each treat Ranup in women also filled nut, gambier, lime ranub, clove, tobacco and accompanied rampago as a cutting tool. So initially ranub simple to more complex character.
Ranub in the realm of tradition and culture of Aceh has various meanings of symbols, namely: the symbol of glory (breeder jamee), stimulants to unite in a consensus of opinion (sapeu kheun Ngon buet), and connective silaturrahmi neighbor (MEU-uroh). Ranub symbolizes the nature of humility and love, Pinang pekertinya symbolizes the virtuous, and honest and have a high degree; Gambier symbolizes courage, symbolizes sincerity Lime, Clove symbolizes constancy held principles, and Tobacco represents a brave heart, and willing to sacrifice in all things .
While Bate Ranup (Puan) which becomes the container symbolizes the beauty of the manners and morals of the sublime. Container such as a single entity that represents the nature keadatan. Then forward this ranub packaging modifications need to be considered, how the children of Aceh are not unfamiliar with the culture of eating has become pengkomsumsi ranub drugs and products out to modern imaging, although in his native food had been regarded as street food or junk food ( junk food)

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